Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Clear cut analysis of the issues arising in horizontal and vertical mergers and acquisitions is a CRA specialty. We have conducted reviews of mergers in most major industries and assisted clients in M&A transactions throughout the world. CRA’s distinguished economists and academic affiliates are widely-recognized for their important contributions to the field, including our development of new analytical tools and methods.

Antitrust and regulatory support

Rigorous economic analysis of mergers and acquisitions is one of CRA’s core strengths. Our economists are respected worldwide for their work on some of the most important and controversial cases of recent years, which have involved the assessment of mergers in oligopolistic markets, vertical mergers, and theories of bundling and conglomerate effects.

CRA's experts and senior consultants have authored some of the most widely-cited articles relating to mergers and acquisitions. We apply cutting edge econometric techniques, simulations, and economic theory to complex mergers and acquisitions and present the results in expert reports, oral presentations, and deposition and trial testimony that are readily understood by both economists and non-economists.

Business advisory services

CRA advises companies in many industries on growth strategies. We are particularly adept at assessing whether potential acquisition targets are likely to be accretive to earnings per share and whether a target is a good cultural and strategic fit.

We also provide M&A transaction advisory services.  Our consultants have proven expertise in helping businesses define compelling strategies for growth and enhanced shareholder value, and effectively communicating these to senior corporate management and the investment community. Our work is always conducted within a broad industry context to ensure that we develop distinctive solutions to fit your capabilities, financial wherewithal, and appetite for risk.