Life Sciences: Market Research

Market Research

CRA delivers stakeholder insights based on best-in-class research methodologies. Our team is led by innovative market researchers who work exclusively on market research – refining best practices through hundreds of engagements every year and delivering accurate and insightful data capture across stakeholders, therapy areas, and geographic regions.

Strategic support throughout the lifecycle

Market research that leverages best-in-class methodologies to discover valuable customer insights.

Pipeline planning
  • TPP development and testing
  • Understanding of prescriber habits
  • Market opportunity and demand
  • Target population segmentation
Launch preparation
  • Patient journey mapping
  • Pre-launch promotional campaign development
  • KOL influence assessment
  • Competitive benchmarking
Marketed products
  • Quantitative awareness, trial, and usage studies
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Prescriber prioritization for sales force
  • Materials and message testing

Sample engagements

Commercial model re-design
Immuno-oncology opportunity prioritization
Assessed risk of global tender contagion
Developed long-term portfolio-wide pricing and contracting strategy
Product launch lifecycle management (LCM) strategy

Our life sciences practice is made up of 185 consultants that blend decades of global business experience with an extensive understanding of life sciences.

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