Jim McMahon

Jim McMahon

Vice President
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Mr. McMahon has been a strategic, economic, and financial consultant to the energy sector for over 20 years, working frequently with diversified energy companies, electric and gas utilities, merchant generators, private equity, and independent system operators. He specializes in strategy, business planning, and transaction support. For utilities, Mr. McMahon has advised on business strategy, integrated resource planning, grid modernization, and resiliency issues. In addition to advising on these topics, Mr. McMahon has supported and filed related testimony in federal and state regulatory settings, including at FERC and with the regulatory commissions of CA, WY, AR, MO, OK, KS, GA, and IN.

Mr. McMahon's energy market-related work has focused on commercial due diligence in electric and gas utility, power plant, and electric transmission assets. He has supported transactions involving more than 500 GW of power plants, and was lead commercial and regulatory consultant in two of the last private equity utility transactions. Mr. McMahon also works with ISOs on strategy, planning, and procurement.


MBA, Finance, College of William and Mary
JD, College of William and Mary
BA, Economics, Tufts University