ISPOR Europe 2020

ISPOR Europe 2020

From November 14, 2020 to November 18, 2020
Virtual Conference

Ten of our consultants had four posters accepted and one of our consultants will host an on-demand podium presentation at this year's virtual Congress.

Price vs. Prevelance series posters:
"Exploring The Effect Of Prevalence On Access And Price For Non-Oncology Rare Disease Medicines In England" authored by Will Foster, Cecile Matthews & Eva Marchese.

"How Does Eligible Patient Number Affect Price in France for NON-Oncology Orphan Drugs?" authored by Cecile Matthews, Bhavesh PatelOwen Male.

"How Do RARE Disease Patient Numbers in Germany Affect the Price of NON-Oncology Orphan Drugs?" authored by Bhavesh Patel, Cecile MatthewsOwen Male.

OD Designation Trends poster: 
"Trends in Withdrawal of Orphan Designation for Marketed Products: EU VS. US and JAPAN"  authored by Ryan Lawlor, Tim Wilsdon, Walter Colasante, Chris Jones & Joan Chen.
OD HTA and Time to Reimbursement podium presentation:
"Comparison of Health Technology Assessments and Time to Reimbursement for Orphan Drugs from FOUR HTA Agencies: Opportunities and Challenges in France, Germany, England and Scotland" by Ioanna Stefani.

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